TUTORIAL 2 (2.00 – 5.00pm)
Title: Cognitive radio of 4.5G LTE-A wireless Networks and GNU Radio
Speaker: Dr. Mardeni b. Roslee
Synopsis: Nowadays, high speed and high quality of service for mobile user are always in demand. Audio/Video streaming, online conferences and social media services are becoming the necessity of life. In order to fulfil the sheer amount of data need of users, robust and efficient wireless technology is needed. 4.5G Long Term Evaluation-Advanced (LTE-A), is the solution for future mobile wireless networks. Therefore, cognitive radio (CR) is chosen as a promising way in order to handle this technology. CR networks become very useful technique to fully utilize the spectrums. This workshop is expected to provide a good solid fundamental of cognitive radio network and explanation of using GNU Radio. Some of the topics that will be discussed:
  • Introduction to LTE-A
  • CR function, CR cycle, CR mobility
  • Why GNU Radio?
  • Extensive knowledge involved and what is implemented currently?
1-Day Workshop: RM300
Half Day Tutorial (attending 1 tutorial): RM200
Full Day Tutorial (attending 2 tutorials): RM300
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