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Our Patronage


TM R&D is the innovation engine for TM, as well as a technology partner for many Malaysian ICT companies. Alongside creating partnerships within the Malaysian innovation ecosystem, we also form joint innovation labs with global technology leaders.

Our talented and passionate team is continuously innovating in cutting edge areas such as Connectivity Technologies, Effective-Efficient-Elastic (E3) Networks, Business Process Tools and Digital Services. Research output has been commercialized through various IPR licensing agreements with technology companies and start-ups.



TNB’s core activities are in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. In addition to being the nation’s primary electricity generation enterprise, TNB also transmits and distributes all the electricity in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Federal Territory of Labuan.  As at 31 August 2015, TNB supplies electricity to approximately 8.9 million customers.

TNB, through its subsidiaries, is also involved in the manufacturing of transformers, high voltage switchgears and cables; the provider of professional consultancy services, construction and operating and maintenance of district cooling facilities, generation equipment, repair and maintenance, fuel supply services; services related to renewable energy, energy efficiency and power quality; higher education and skill training and undertakes research and development. As an integrated electricity provider, TNB has and will continue to meet its crucial role in powering the nation’s progress. For further information, please visit


The establishment of the University of Diyala is an urgent need to require the creation of this scientific centre to accommodate the first momentum-winning student at Baghdad University class basis. And secondly to supplement the scientific and cultural journey to maintain and to accommodate the increasing number of students in the province in addition to the plan to accommodate arrivals from neighboring provinces first, and remote provinces students and Arab students second. The importance of the city of Baquba as expansionary centre of Baghdad made it a focal point that attracts. Its population and which required the establishment of a scientific centre and meets the academic requirements for future development.